OVS Performers at the Algester Primary School Market Day – Saturday 3rd March, 2018

Well done to all the OVS Students who performed solo at the Algester Primary School Market Day on Saturday 3rd March, 2018.

A full 1 1/2 hour set of continuous music was performed from 3pm by soloists Lahaina Ahloo, Joshua Chillemi, Laurence Javillonar, Ainsleyy Maa, Brianna Patel and Brianna Pierre.  This was the first time I have only featured solo performances and something we will be doing more of.

The school hosts events once a Term and event planner, Jade has kindly invited us back.  This will provide a great opportunity for students to practise repertoire and hone their entertainment and stage craft skills.

Though the event had been postponed a week due to the wet weather and the day was extremely muggy with a quiet turn-out, it was a great opportunity to perform.  Regardless of how many people are in the audience or whether they are listening or not, always prepare well, present well and perform your best.


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