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Emma Strutt is an Accredited Practising Dietitian.  Emma’s passion for nutrition began at an early age while competing in high-level sport. This has since developed into a lifelong desire to help people achieve real change and better health through good nutrition. Emma started following a plant-based diet 10 years ago for ethical reasons and also after discovering the extensive research supporting the health benefits of eating this way.  Since then she has seen firsthand the diet’s effectiveness in preventing, treating and even reversing some of our biggest killers.

Emma is a Registered Dietitian who runs her own practice, ‘greenstuff nutrition’, and is also currently working in health research at the QIMR Berghofer Institute of Medical Research.  In addition to her university studies, Emma has completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate (Cornell University, T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies).


Marita is a retired music teacher, having taught piano and violin for students seeking to follow a career in music and also those who wish to simply play for enjoyment.  Since retiring from teaching she has worked in private health administration and currently does this part-time.

Marita has always had a strong interest in maintaining good health, and has also enjoyed swimming, cycling and racquet sports over many years.  Health challenges (a chronic thyroid condition and degenerative changes in her lower back and hip) saw her seeking out appropriate options for improving her quality of life without resorting to medications.  To this end, in 2008, Marita undertook a 30 day vegan challenge and was surprised at the rapid decrease of her symptoms, the return of energy and the marked improvement in her general health.  Within a short time, she was free of all the symptoms of both the thyroid condition and pain from degeneration of joints in her back and hip.

Marita enjoys seeking out the latest information and scientific articles which support healthy living, and is a graduate of the following:  Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate (Cornell University, T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies), The Starch Solution Certificate (Dr. John McDougall’s Health and Medical Centre), and the Plant-Based Professional Certificate (Rouxbe International Culinary School).

In her spare time Marita enjoys playing piano and violin, swimming, gardening, reading, and experimenting in the kitchen, especially creating new plant based dishes.


From my earliest memories I loved animals and did not want to eat them but this was not acceptable in the household I grew up in.  As a child I was beaten for refusing to eat the meals that my mum would prepare for the family dinners – beef lasagne, chicken fried rice etc – and by the time I was 9 I surrendered.  Like most families, my parents ate animals, saw them as a lesser specie and forced their ways onto their offspring.  They were also nutritionally uneducated and suffered as a result.  I place no blame on them.  Their behaviour was a result of their circumstances and upbringings.  As an adult, I eventually found my way back to my morals and educated myself in nutrition.  Science gives fact, that which we need to act upon.  Karma shows no bias so if we do something wrong, whether we are aware of it or not, we will suffer from our wrong-doing.

I have made every effort to eliminate from my studio anything that will enable unhealthy behaviours and have included practises that encourage healthy and informed habits.

As I feel this knowledge is the foundation upon which each and every one of us can thrive, I am offering complimentary Conscious Healthy Lifestyle Packs for a limited time.  The Full Pack includes an in-your-home initial consultation with Emma Strutt (Whole Foods, Plant-Based Dietitian who was the Guest Speaker at the 2017 “Inspirational” End-of-Year Concert) and a Hamper full of plant-based groceries, environmentally friendly products, recipes and information to get you started with a Conscious Healthy Lifestyle.  Anyone interested is required to watch the documentary “Forks Over Knives” (available on Netflix) and complete a Health Assessment Form to be emailed to Emma Strutt so that your Conscious Healthy Lifestyle Pack can be catered to you.  The “Forks Over Knives” DVD will be available in the studio’s Waiting Room for loan or purchase.