About Us


From my earliest memories, I loved animals and did not want to eat them.  This was not acceptable in the household I grew up in.  As a child I was beaten for refusing to eat the meals that my mum would prepare for the family dinners – beef lasagne, chicken fried rice etc – and by the time I was 9, I surrendered.  Like most families, my parents ate non-human animals, saw non-human animals as lesser species, and forced their ways onto their offspring.  They were also nutritionally uneducated and suffered as a result.  I place no blame on them.  Their behaviour was a result of their circumstances and upbringing.  As an adult, I eventually found my way back to my morals and educated myself in nutrition.  Science gives fact, that which, if acted upon, will benefit the quality of life greatly.  Karma shows no bias so if we do something wrong, whether we are aware of it or not, we will suffer from our wrong-doing.

I have made every effort to eliminate from my life anything that will enable unhealthy behaviours, and have included practises that encourage healthy and informed habits.

As I feel this knowledge is the foundation upon which each and every one of us can thrive, I am offering complimentary Conscious Healthy Lifestyle Packs for a limited time.  The Full Pack includes an in-your-home initial consultation with a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Dietitian and a Hamper full of plant-based groceries, environmentally friendly products, recipes and information to get you started with a Conscious Healthy Lifestyle.  Anyone interested is required to watch the documentary “Forks Over Knives” (available on Netflix) and complete a Health Assessment Form so that your Conscious Healthy Lifestyle Pack can be catered to you.