The “Conscious Healthy Lifestyle Pack” In-Your-Home Consultation includes an initial session with Accredited Practising Dietitian, Emma Strutt.  Once Emma has received your completed Health Assessment Form and your CHLP has been catered and prepared for you, your appointment will be booked.  Please note, Emma will be away for the month of February to Mid-March.

When Emma attends your home, expect immediate change.  Having watched “Forks Over Knives” you are fully aware of the implications that poor diet and lifestyle choices have.  The “Conscious Healthy Lifestyle Pack” is to be taken seriously.

What to expect:

  1. Education on how to live a healthy lifestyle addressing diet, physical exercise and mental well-being
  2. A Hamper of products (see 7.) and information to make your transition to a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle easy and effective
  3. Commencement of a 3 or 4 Week Plant-Based Meal Plan (1 week of ingredients provided – see 7.)
  4. The removal of any unhealthy temptations in your kitchen
  5. Any meat, dairy, egg and processed foods to be replaced with plant-based alternatives (see 7.)
  6. Products and habits that can be replaced with environmentally responsible alternatives to be addressed (see 7.)
  7. A Supermarket Tour & Grocery Shopping where you will be taught how to read Product Labels and where a week of ingredients for your Plant-Based Meal Plan and any other product recommended will be sourced