George in the Studio – 22nd December, 2009

Georgie, my little Shihtzu, who was a regular in the studio throughout 2009-2011, who would occasionally pop into lessons from 2012-2013 always causing a distraction due to his cuddly, furry, Ewok, adorable nature, will no longer be gracing us with his presence.

George passed away at the Algester Vet Clinic on Tuesday 9th July, 2013. George had an ongoing list of health issues that plagued him and that we were continually trying to manage and I unrealistically hoped to conquer. Georgie was a stray that the Animal Welfare League at Coombabah had rescued in 2009. The amazing vets and nurses at the AWL administered various procedures to correct George’s poor health and I became George’s foster carer with a bag of pills for him to take. I eventually adopted him as a Special Needs. After signing off on all his health issues, it was all a matter of keeping him healthy, happy and as comfortable as possible.

George had a beautiful, tender nature that warmed my heart. I absolutely adored George and will miss him. There was something comforting about George. I hope he’s running around and doing his tricks effortlessly, with a good heart, good set of lungs, a good everything.

I’m grateful for the time I had with George, grateful for the amazing efforts of the Animal Welfare League, grateful for all the joy George gave to those who met him.