My Purpose as a Vocal Coach

My first note to vocal students and to those of you considering undertaking vocal instruction is that developing into a better singer is a lot more in depth than just singing songs.  It is the same concept as how you would go about learning to acquire any skill from learning to play a sport, drive a car, dance, play the piano etc.  Learning how to do something well involves regular practise and repetition, understanding and application.  Learning how to maintain good health is the foundation for anyone to thrive and is covered and encouraged at OVS.

It is a common misconception that I have come across many a time where after a student attends their first lesson they are surprised at how much is involved in acquiring good vocal technique.  Yes, there is a particular technique that a good singer is using while they are singing beautifully with seemingly little effort… it is similar to watching a swan gliding along the river ever so ethereally, until you put your head under the water and see their feet paddling.

In undertaking the instruction of a vocal coach, you are saying that you are willing to develop your skills as a singer.  If you are prepared to do this, then there is a need to be patient to learn and develop the techniques of skilled singing so that those techniques can permeate into how you sing a song.  I know a lot of people just want to sing and think that by singing in front of a vocal coach they will miraculously get better.  My job is to give knowledge and to explore your voice with you so that you can experience a greater sense of fulfillment when singing.  If you do not apply the proper techniques by regularly practising them, then your singing abilities will improve at a very slow pace.

Even if you are fortunate to possess a natural ability to sing, those skills will be limited without proper instruction.  Vocal techniques have evolved over the centuries and exist for a reason.  There really is no point in someone employing the instruction from a vocal coach if they are not prepared to devote the time in understanding the concepts behind using their voice in a skilled fashion outside of their lesson.  There is no such thing as an overnight success story… there are many years of work that precede achieving such glory.

I get great satisfaction out of seeing a student’s vocal skill improve and seeing them work towards a goal and achieve it.  My method of teaching is not based on one school of training… it is based on many including my own experiences as a vocalist and maturing human being.  As we age, our voice changes; everytime I perform, I learn something new… all this wisdom, experience and knowledge I endeavour to impart onto my students.

As a vocal coach, I am prepared to teach those who want to be taught.  I am not prepared to spend the time and effort on students who do not take their lessons seriously, are disrespectful, lazy or are here because their parents want them to be.  I will spend my time and efforts only on students who want to learn, improve and grow at OVS.  I provide the facilities, resources and opportunities to all OVS students so that can get the most out of their lessons.

I respect all who attend OVS and ask for the same in return.  Any student who does not fit in with the standards of OVS will not be tolerated.  If OVS decides to terminate the enrolment of a student, all remaining lessons on the term account will be refunded.

So, in conclusion, my job is to teach you good vocal technique in a supportive and enjoyable environment.  Your job is then to put these techniques into practise.