Malo e lei lei, ciao, hello and welcome!

Here is a little about myself.  I was born Ofelia Tapenisi Guizzon, the second and youngest child to Velonika Lisi (nee Fatai) and Alessandro Guizzon in Yarloop, Western Australia on the 15th February, 1977, of paternal North Italian and maternal Tongan descent.  I was due on the 14th February with the planned name of Valentina.  I have an older brother, Nesta and have been in a relationship with my wonderful partner, Daniel since 2004.  I am a mum to Bronson (Doberman born 7th June, 2016).

I am sure and passionate about two things.  The first is that I wanted to sing.  My mother tells me that my first words were sung and from my earliest memories I was always singing.  The second thing is that Veganism is the most natural way of living.  It is the kindest, most compassionate, most environmentally aware and healthiest way to live… a lifestyle I wish I was born into (life as a non-vegan would certainly have been more enjoyable and fulfilling!)  Veganism is the way to live if we truly want to thrive as human beings; it is the way to live if we truly care about our home (earth); it is the way to live if we truly care about one another and all of earth’s living creatures.

From my earliest memories I loved non-human animals and it pained me to see any kind of unnecessary suffering inflicted on them or on a human… I did not understand violence of any kind.  So as a singer with Veganism as my foundation, I live in a peaceful abode and continue to improve and expand my consciousness.  My goal is to embrace the experiences and challenges that life brings and continue to grow and improve myself as a person in every aspect of my life.  My motto is “Be true to myself”.  How do I do that?  I learn what is right and do it… I learn who I am and be it.  Note to self: not as easy as it sounds!

I aspire to “Be True to Myself” in every aspect of my life by:

  • Being more intuitive and less reactive
  • Doing and surrounding myself with things which bring me joy
  • Speaking and thinking about what I want
  • Taking the path of least resistance (not to be confused with laziest)
  • Feeling my breath coming in (let the stomach balloon out) and going out
  • Practising staying grounded to the earth (I like to walk bare feet in the dirt, garden, roll in the grass, walk on the rocks or sand at the beach, and swim if the water is see-through and clear of anything that will hurt me… if someone’s going to get stung by something, it’ll be me ;-))
  • Having the courage to always do what is right (there will be mistakes)
  • Having the courage to ask the tough questions and the perseverance to find the answers (tiring, but worth it)
  • Continuing to learn and progress (Yeeesss!)
  • Being financially responsible (acquire or give when I can afford to)
  • Being open to discussion with contained emotion and judgement
  • Being a good listener
  • Asking myself “am I acting with kindness?”
  • Doing things for others unconditionally (I need to work on discerning who is worthy, understanding that relationships are a balance of give an take.  In my experience with people, most are takers.)

My ultimate goal is to fulfill my potential while maintaining balance in my well-being and relationships.

The Serenity Prayer:
Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference. (I think I’ll be figuring out how to master this until the day I die)