Animals Australia – as evolved human beings, we need to protect our animals

Animals Australia

Every time I read about the livelihood of a life being violated, my heart breaks a little more.  I have such admiration for those out there devoted to creating a more compassionate world… educating us on what is really going on… how to be better people… kinder people… how we can help to eliminate cruelty by simply making informed lifestyle choices.

Led by Lyn White, Animals Australia is an organisation who fight for the rights of animals, expose the industries and people that are exploiting and abusing animals from Puppy Factories to Live Export and educate the public.  I urge everyone to get involved, get informed and adopt a cruelty free-lifestyle.  We, as a society, have an innate instinct to protect life… all forms of life have the right to feel safe and protected by us humans… we have the power to do what’s right.

Find out what’s going on… what we don’t see… learn how to make a positive difference.  Visit