PetRescue – Adopt a pet to reduce the hundreds of thousands of unwanted pets euthanized every year in Australia


If you are looking to add a non-human member or members to your family, there are dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds and farm animals in need of a home.  Please consider adopting from PetRescue.

There are many pets that unfortunately wonder and stray from their home and are not found by their owners. Many pets are also surrendered to shelters by their owners for various reasons e.g. they may have moved into a residence that does not allow pets, they are moving overseas or they just simply cannot accommodate their pet anymore. For whatever reason, there are animals that will make a loving companion to suit your lifestyle that are in need of a home.

Backyard breeding and those who breed without a license are irresponsible.  The reason is simple but horrible –  there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals being euthanized every year in Australia.  There is absolutely no reason to breed animals without a permit.  The only reason one would do this is if the pet were accidentally impregnated or the person is out for financial gain.

Get a job that serves you, your family and the world in a positive way, that which does not exploit our most vulnerable.  Desex your pets.  If you are in financial difficulty, please contact the NDN for assistance.  Exploitation of animals for financial gain is cruel and irresponsible.

Do what’s right.

In August, 2013 I adopted Bella, a Maltese x Shih tzu.  Her listing was on the PetRescue site.  She was 9 years old at the time and grumpy as grumpy could be.  I was told by the rescue group, Friends of the Pound (Tweed) Inc. that her family had taken her to the vet to be euthanized because they thought she was blind.  She wasn’t… she just needed a good bath.  On the listing, Bella’s photos did not resemble George (rescue x Shih-tzu who was family for 4 years) but when I saw her with my own eyes, she reminded me so much of him, it threw me!  At our meet and greet, Bella came and sat quietly next to me.  I was told that Bella was precious and that it was a plus I’d had experience fostering dogs.  I was soon to find out why.

I brought Bella home and we walked around the entire house and yard.  She went into every room as though she knew this was her new home.  She was toilet trained.  For the first few visits to the vet, she would tremble uncontrollably and look at me with the saddest eyes like I was going to abandon her.  Bella had a lot of behavioural issues.  She hated baths and grooming time and would attack her groomers.  I would perspire profusely in my efforts to bathe and groom her.  She didn’t like other animals near her (still doesn’t).  When I would approach her she would roll onto her back (I think her previous family used to pick her up by the neck) and she would attack and bite.  She was a little angry dinosaur with a painful bite.  I called her previous vet of 9 years and they told me that she was a biter.

Though it took a lot of patient and understanding, Bella is now the Queen of our home.  She barks when she wants to go for a walk, when her water bowl is empty, when she is hungry, when she is announcing her presence and when she is unhappy about something.  I can bather her and groom her with little to no resistance.  She no longer rolls on her back when approached.  On the rare occasion when she has tried to bite me and made contact she immediately looks at me with sorrow.  I can see that she is trying to change and that she was sorry.  She has had a couple of stays at the vets with a pinched nerve in her neck, most likely from the trauma caused if her previous family were picking her up by the neck.  She loves going for walks and playing with her toys which she uses to clean her teeth.  Her eye health is deteriorating and she requires surgery on one.  Before adopting a Vegan diet, Bella’s health was gradually deteriorating.  On a Vegan diet, her health has improved significantly and the deterioration of her eyes has slowed.  I adore this pretty little dinosaur of an ewok and proud to see her gain confidence and trust.  After researching and trying various brands, I now only purchase the Veganpet range of kibble, canned food and treats.

Whether a human or non-human animal, family is family, family is forever.  Family does not equate to monetary value or convenience.  Family is unconditional.