2011 OVS End-of-Year Concert

Theme: OVS’s First Concert
Attire: Smart Casual
Date: Sunday 18th December, 2011
Time: 11am – 1pm
Doors Open: 10.45am
Venue: Bean to Café – Shop 1, 57 Emerald Drive, Regents Park QLD 4118
Details: Food and Beverages will be on sale from Bean to Café throughout the concert; this is a non-alcoholic event
OVS End-of-Year Awards: (based on concert performance and progress throughout 2011) the OVS Awards will be presented and all Performers will receive a Certificate of Participation
Entry Fee: Free

Congratulations to the 2011 OVS Award Recipients based on Outstanding Achievement in 2011:
OVS Voice of the Year – Rowena Braaskma
OVS Student of the Year – Rowena Braaskma
OVS Inspiration of the Year – Hans Braaskma

Congratulations to the 2011 OVS Award Recipients based on Concert Performance:
OVS Best Overall Performance – Reghan Smith
OVS Most Promising – Harriet Young-MacGregor
OVS Most Impressive – Kaelyn Savea
OVS Most Entertaining – Ebony Brien
OVS Best Presentation- Hans Braaaskma
OVS Most Courageous – Claudana Savea

Congratulations to the Concert Performers:
Claudana Savea
Ebony Brien
Hans Braaskma
Harriet Young-MacGregor
Kaelyn Savea
Reghan Smith
Rowena Braaskma

Concert Program:
1. Ofelia Guizzon accompanied by Lawrie Dillon – Reach (Gloria Estefan)
2. Reghan Smith – 1. Tonight, Tonight (Hot Chelle Rae); 2. The One that Got Away (Katy Perry)
3. Ebony Brien – 1. No One (Alicia Keys); 2. I Want You Back (Jackson 5)
4. Claudana Savea – I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)
5. Kaelyn Savea – So High (Kaelyn Savea)
6. Ofelia Guizzon – Speech
7. Ofelia Guizzon – You Can Count on Me (Ofelia Guizzon)
8. Kaelyn Savea – Price Tag (Jessie J)
9. Harriet Young-MacGregor – Popular (Wicked)
10. Hans & Rowena Braaskma – 1. Alone and Foresaken; 2. Coming Down in the Rain; 3. Furnace Room Lullaby
11. Harriet Young-MacGregor – Defying Gravity (Wicked)
12. OVS Award Presentations
13. End of Concert Impromptu Group Performance – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Thank you to Guest Artist, electric guitarist, Lawrie Dillon.
Thank you to my fiancé, Daniel for being the Concert Judge and for all your support and assistance.
Thank you to the Bean to Café for allowing me to host my first OVS Concert in your function room.

At every concert I host, I feel it important to share an important message with you based on my experiences. Here is the transcript of this year’s speech which was preceded with an original piece performed by OVS vocal student, Kaelyn Savea.

I think it’s exciting when I come across someone who writes songs. Being a songwriter myself, I jump at the opportunity to work with other songwriter’s and encourage all singer’s to try their hand at writing and being creative. What better person to write songs than an actual singer.

Recently I have been working on completing my album. After an 8 year hiatus, I am ready to complete my album because I feel I’ve now enough life experience to do it justice. My album is entitled “Crying IN FOUR STAGES” and it is an autobiographical collection of 4 CD’s each representing a significant period of my life. Stage One – First Love, True Love; Stage Two – Dreams, Goals; Stage Three – Relationships, Life and Stage Four – Loss, Hope. I entitled my album “Crying” because the song “Crying” was the first song I completed, produced and recorded and the message seems to permeate through all my writing’s. The decision to produce my debut album also came after the death of my father in 2002 hence the final Stage being Stage 4 – Loss, Hope.

I released an EP of Stage Three – Relationships, Life in 2003 as a pre-cursor to the entire album and also to use as a foundation for getting a recording deal. I staged a CD Concert Launch to a full house here in Brisbane then I went over to New York and performed all my originals as part of the New York International Music Festival. I became a Festival Award Winner and was approached by a major recording label. That was the dream. Goal achieved. Did I take the offer? No I did not. Was it the right decision? Yes it was. I was not prepared to make the sacrifices that I would have needed to in order to take my career to the next level. I have since been invited to perform in Las Vegas in front of music industry giants such as Stevie Wonder.

So, moral of the story, if you have the talent, go and find out what you can do with it and what you are prepared to do with it. Go and get experiences… experience the process of writing a song, producing a song, recording a song, creating the artwork for an album, performing in all different environments with different musicians and different genres of music, get onto a movie set, experience all the work that goes on behind the scenes before a performer gets onto the stage or in order for this album to be produced or for that music video to be produced, for those stage outfits to be made, for that singer to be able to sing the way they do.

Not one person has travelled through my studio with the skill or patience to sit through the process of writing and producing a song. It’s a time consuming process as all processes are in the creative. People get so strung up on celebrity rather than real life… they want things done instantly. It annoys me because it most definitely hasn’t been instant for me. I worked a full-time job and part-time job from the age of 19 and studied music theory and voice with a goal to study music at tertiary level. 2 years later I successfully auditioned for the Queensland Conservatorium where I studied for 4 years full-time to get my Bachelor of Music and have been performing on a weekly basis for the past 12 years, I work as a sound designer and did so for 2 years full-time, I have worked as a contemporary vocal coach now for 10 years and I have been playing the keyboard for 26 years and still suck at it. My skills have been developed and nurtured for decades and I still continue to learn and develop.

I have watched many interviews from artists who I admire such as Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, Shirley Bassey and Shania Twain. These amazing women all loved to sing… simple. Whitney Houston has said that if she could go back, she would not have signed her first recording contract… the game completely changed when she did… the pressures were enormous… these pressures and obligation’s unimaginable to most. She would have stayed as is just doing the rounds on the performance circuits. I recently went and saw Dolly Parton in concert and she spoke about the sacrifices she has had to make in her personal life for her professional life and that you need to be prepared to make major sacrifices if it’s truly what you want.

So, in conclusion, make your own decisions for your own life despite what other’s may say or expect… they have their life, you have yours. Be informed and make decisions based on what you do know and not on what you don’t.