Attending Lessons when Sick

Prevention is the cure.  Here are some pointers to help you look after your voice.

If you have a contagious virus or bacterial infection such as a Cold, Flu or Cough, DO NOT ATTEND LESSONS. By attending a public place, you are putting everyone who comes into contact with you at risk of becoming ill. Germs can remain active for up to 6 hours so for 6 hours after you leave the studio, everyone who attends after your lesson is also at risk of getting ill. So, please stay home, rest and get better. Once your symptoms have subsided or you have been on antibiotics for over 72 hours and only if your symptoms are improving, you can continue lessons.

24 hours notice of cancellation must be given to reschedule your lesson.

If you are suffering from a sore throat or hoarse voice due to vocal fatigue and not due to a contagious illness, you can attend your lessons.

In these lessons we will focus on vocal theory, physiology, music theory, repertoire study and, most importantly, voice care. Every singer at OVS will learn how to take care of themselves in order to maintain a healthy voice.