Performance Groups

All OVS Students are part of a Performance Group.  The OVS Performance Groups focus on Performance and Stage Craft and are included in enrollment.  Enrollment is per Semester.

Performance Group Classes include a minimum of 10 x 1.5 hour fortnightly classes per Semester (lessons are weekly when required), Concert and Performance Rehearsals, Concert Performance Participation, Public Performance Opportunities, All Backing Tracks and Sheet Music and some Costuming.  Performance Groups rehearse repertoire to perform in various events including the OVS Concerts in true Stage Show fashion.

When: Wednesdays Fortnightly (Weekly when required)
Where: OVS (Teaching Studio & Rehearsal Space)
Class Duration: 1.5 hours
Class Time: 6 to 7.30pm
Group Members: Maximum Five Vocalists
Performance Groups: Tre Nuance (Junior); FlavourX (Senior)
Classes Cover: Repertoire, Ensemble Work, Harmonies, Backing Vocals, Choreography and Costuming
Opportunities: Each Group performs their own Song and provide Backing Vocals at the OVS Concerts and perform in Public Events.
Classes Encourage: Creativity, Team Work, Versatility
Classes Include: Sheet Music, Music Tracks and some Costuming