OVS specialises in Contemporary Vocal Coaching only and does not cater to Classical Vocalists.

Singing Lessons are about acquiring the skills to be able to use your voice in a healthy manner, experimenting with different sounds your voice is capable of creating and developing your singing voice to its full potential.

This will take regular disciplined practise, education, awareness, time, confidence and experience.

In private lessons at OVS, students receive comprehensive tuition focusing on the visual, kinaesthetic and aural aspects of learning. Students will be exposed to educational text, diagrams and models of the human voice and how it works as well as watching footage of live performances and listening to recordings of various musicians to demonstrate sounds and techniques. Students will be regularly recorded in their lessons so that they can hear for themselves how they are sounding and progressing. Recording students singing in their lessons and using mirrors also provides students the skill set to be able to coach themselves and make adjustments independently.

Private lessons are specifically catered to the individual. We are all different – different in how we learn, our physical appearance, physiological make-up, musical tastes, in how we sound; so it is important that every student is catered to individually in what they are wanting to achieve.

Various topics on vocal physiology are covered and various schools of thought from Italian Bel Canto to Speech Level Singing will be discussed. Lessons at OVS are not based on one school of thought simply because what may work for one person, may not necessarily work for another so techniques are adopted from all schools of thought and utilized according to the individual student.

Questionaires are administered on a Term basis to assess the student on what knowledge they have acquired and how well they are understanding the concepts taught. It is important that all OVS students learn to read music. All students will learn to read and follow sheet music whilst being taught the basics of music theory.

Practical Techniques covered in lessons include:
– Posture
– Breathing
– Anchoring
– Articulation
– Physical Stretches
– Vocal Warm-ups
– Vocal Strengthening Exercises
– Placement and Projection
– Microphone Technique
– Stage Craft

Theoretical Techniques covered in lessons include:
– Vocal Onsets
– Vocal Qualities
– Vocal Physiology
– Vocal Health

Music theory is a necessary component of lessons. Topics covered include:
– Aural Development – ear training, pitch accuracy, harmony training
– Repertoire Study – music genre, song structure, lyrics, meaning, interpretation, songwriter/s, history
– Basic Music Theory – musical notes, chords, terms, signs and symbols
– Piano – the piano is used to assist in Aural Development and Music Theory

Coaching for the Professional Vocalist

Ofelia Guizzon is the lead vocalist and manager of her band and specialty act Unlimited Soul and Unlimited Vibe, and takes to the stage on a weekly basis. Ofelia has been performing professionally for 16 years and understands first-hand the toll that performance can have on your voice, emotional and physical well-being if not cared for properly. Leading a vegan lifestyle with regular exercise, a well-balanced whole foods plant based diet and keeping your body well rested, well hydrated and at a steady temperature while practising positive thoughts is crucial if you want to maintain a long career.

Ofelia will teach you how to look after your voice, sing according to the performance call, preserve your voice, repertoire choice and suitable song keys. Whether you are performing a one hour show or five hour club gig, Ofelia can assist you with any area that you are seeking guidance in.

OVS offers a range of specialised services for professional singers which teach:-

  • Vocal techniques to broaden repertoire and range while reducing strain
  • Kinaesthetic awareness so you can identify behaviours which can damage your voice, limit your endurance and vocal range
  • Suitable repertoire choice
  • Healthy living habits to maintain good vocal health

Vocal Health
Caring for the voice is paramount to the vocalist. Various techniques will be demonstrated to teach you about the science behind how the voice reacts to various environments and conditions and how the mechanics that create the voice are affected during performance. Students are encouraged to consume an alkaline diet. Dairy is toxic to vocal health and all students are required to eliminate dairy from their diet.

Vocal Dysfunction
If a student presents with vocal dysfunction, the student will be referred to their GP who may then refer the student to an ENT or Speech Pathologist. Ofelia has encountered several students over the years who have presented with vocal dysfunction who she has referred to their GP for assessment. These students were referred to an ENT by their GP and nodules, swelling and various issues causing vocal dysfunction had been found. The students returned to OVS once they were given the OK by their doctor.