What to Bring to Lessons

Students receive a complimentary OVS Introductory Welcome Pack which contains lesson materials and information to make the OVS experience convenient and productive. This pack is to be brought to every session. In order to make the most out of session time, attend well-prepared, warmed-up and with the relevant lesson materials.

Students are required to bring the following materials to each and every session:

– OVS Introductory Welcome Pack (containing USB Memory Stick, Blank CDRs/CDRW, lesson hand-outs, sheet music & lyric sheets)
– Recordings of Songs and Backing Tracks/Sheet Music/Chord Charts (have the audio of the songs you would like to work on in your lesson on your USB Memory Stick or CD and the lyric sheets/sheet music in your folder)
– Bottle of luke-warm, filtered water in a bottle (a stainless steel BPA-free bottle is recommended)
– Music Books
– Recording device (if you want to record your lessons)
– NO EATING FOR 60 to 90 MINUTES BEFORE LESSONS. Luke-warm filtered water is to only be consumed before and during lessons.
– Once you know how to, WARM-UP before your lessons (this will allow more lesson time to be utilized for developing vocal technique)