At OVS, you can improve your singing ability, prepare for a performance, work on stage presentation, study music theory, write a song, record a track of yourself and have the music produced for one of your originals. OVS is fully equipped to facilitate in the achievement of each of these musical goals.

Lessons Available: 
Classes Available: Individual
Private Lesson Durations: 1.5 – 2 hours
Lesson Occurrences: As required
Tuition Offered:
Contemporary Vocal Coaching
Performance Preparation
Music Theory & Aural Development
Songwriting Development
Services Provided:
Music Education for the Active Performer
Fully Equipped Project Music Studio
Demo Recording
Music Production
Music Track Editing
Examinations for Singing and Music Theory:
AMEB’s CPM Vocal Steps 1-4
AMEB Music Theory Grade 1-6
Please note that OVS caters to Contemporary Vocalists only.  OVS does not coach Classical (Operatic) Vocalists.