Ofelia’s Voice Studio, simply known as O-V-S, is a project music studio specializing in contemporary vocal coaching, performance, music production and music education for the active performing vocalist with a foundation of healthy lifestyle choices.

Students are required to be able to read music or learn how to read music by completing AMEB Graded Music Theory, and be disciplined in maintaining their vocal health by keeping hydrated, warming up, practising, resting and consuming a plant-based alkaline diet.

Behaviours that will not be tolerated include excessive vocal abuse ie. overuse; smoking; consuming alcohol the day before, day of and day after singing;  consuming dairy and the inability or unwillingness to learn how to read music.

The OVS Waiting Room contains a Library of Health Resources available for loan.

An Account is issued per session and must be paid to secure session times.  OVS has a strict “no payment, no session” policy.

Student Agreement Form (SAF)
• Students who attend Ofelia’s Voice Studio are required to complete and sign a Student Agreement Form before commencing lessons

Permission to use Photos and Footage
• OVS students and parents/guardians (where the student is under 18 years of age) gives Ofelia’s Voice Studio permission to use photos and/or footage taken of the student in the studio and in events such as the Mid-Year and End-of-Year Concerts for OVS written and electronic publications including the OVS website, online listings, advertisements and newsletters.

Facilities Provided
Teaching Studio | Rehearsal Space | Waiting Room | Store | Lavatory

Services Provided
Music Education for the Aspiring to the Professional Vocalist | Fully Equipped Project Music Studio | Demo Recording | Music Production | Music Track Editing

Tuition Offered
Contemporary Vocal Coaching | Performance Preparation | Music Theory & Aural Development | Songwriting Development | Beginner Piano Lessons

Lessons Available
– Classes Available: Private
– Private Lesson Durations: 1.5 – 2 hours
– Lesson Occurrences: When required

Introductory Welcome Pack (IWP)
• Students receive a complimentary OVS Introductory Welcome Pack (OVS Store Price $40.00).  The Student Pack contains lesson materials and resources to make the OVS experience convenient and productive.  The OVS IWP is to be brought to every session.

Refund Policy
• Lesson fees and Gift Vouchers are non-transferable and non-refundable

Cancellation Policy
• 24 Hours Notice of Cancellation must be given by the student to cancel a session for a make-up lesson to be warranted and to avoid the lesson cancellation fee.  If a student misses a lesson and does not give a minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation, the lesson will be forfeited and no make-up lesson will be issued.
• Make-up lessons must be completed within 1 month and only one make-up lesson per missed lesson is permitted.
• Session times are subject to change (e.g. teacher’s illness/availability).  All reasonable care will be taken if such circumstances arise.  Sessions missed by the teacher will be rescheduled and are not classed as a make-up lesson.

Lesson Attendance
• It is recommended that students arrive at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled session time.  Upon early arrival, students are welcome to wait in the OVS Waiting Room.
• If a student arrives late to their lesson, the lesson will finish at the scheduled time and will not be extended due to late arrivals.
• Students are not to attend lessons if they are sick with a contagious virus or bacterial infection.
• To avoid distraction, parents and guests are not to sit in on lessons unless a valid reason is given.

OVS Store
The OVS Store is located in the Waiting Room.  It offers convenience carrying products that are recommended or useful to students including Music Books, Sheet Music, Backing Tracks, Water Bottles, USB Memory Sticks, Blank CDRs, Stationery, Health Products, OVS Merchandise and Music Gift Items.  Items such as Graded Vocal Books can be ordered specifically for a student. Students are required to source their own materials for their lessons including stationery, music books, recordings, backing tracks, lyrics, sheet music and chord charts.

Studio Fees
OVS offers a 1.5 to 2 hour session for $150.00.

Payment Methods
• Bank Deposit/Online Transfer (Term Accounts)
• Cash (Cash payments will only be accepted for Introductory Lessons and purchases from the OVS Store)
• No EFTPOS Facilities