“… Georgia always takes away a lot from her lesson time. Fabulous teacher! The end of Semester Concerts are a great way to showcase what has been learned and gain valuable confidence”

Claire Peace (Parent of OVS Student, Georgia Peace) 22nd July, 2013

“I could not recommend Ofelia highly enough. That says it all really, however she does come with all the qualifications required to be the great teacher that she is.

Her attitude and obvious patience towards her pupils is an attribute not always found in teaching.

If you have not heard her sing, do yourself a favour and go and see her on stage as soon as you can. You will then realise by listening to her that not only does she have a great voice, but she knows what she’s talking about.

For those who would aspire to singing a little or a lot, I say “Do it”.

Call her……… Now”

Derek Cosburn, vocalist – Benchmark Quartet

Congratulations to Derek Cosburn and Benchmark – Australia’s Got Talent 2011 Grand Finalist
Well here’s an inspiring story…

Last year Derek Cosburn started attending OVS for vocal coaching. Derek had a fantastic voice and was well-experienced and travelled as a member of the barbershop quartet, Benchmark. I watched several video’s of their live performances on Youtube. They had travelled to the states on a number of occasions to compete and had a goal of doing so again. One of the member’s wives was undergoing treatment for cancer so Derek was unsure whether they’d be able to travel to the states to compete.

This year you can see them and follow there story on the television show, Australia’s Got Talent where they have successfully made it through to the Grand Finals with there traditional barbershop quartet style with theatrical performances through to the emotive and climatic arrangement of “This is the Moment”.

They have stomped on factors that factors such as age, repertoire and style can limit your career. Not only have they overcome these perceived boundaries, but they have done so with ill health working against them as well. One of the members has faced two episodes of cancer since competing on Australia’s Got Talent. When Derek started attending OVS, I recommended that he sort out his sinus issues first and foremost.

Benchmark are an amazingly inspiring story… four elderly gentlemen rehearsing and working toward performing there style of music… doing what they love and doing it well… with the courage to put themselves on live TV in front of an Australian audience and share what they have to offer. It takes a lot of courage, drive, determination and practise to achieve what you guys have… Congratulations!

I’ll be looking out for Benchmark when they are touring!

To all the talent and gifted artists on this years Australia’s Got Talent… wow! Congratulations!!!

“I have been playing guitar and singing in a rock band for a few years now, and out of curiosity I thought I would try some vocal lessons…

Ofelia helped me a lot with singing! From vocal exercises, warmups and the right breathing technique and helping with finding the right pitch and harmonies.

So now every time my band plays a gig, I have so much more confidence and feel a lot better with my abilities. Thanks Ofelia!!”

Phil Nemeth, vocalist/songwriter – Caught Jester

“We are what would be considered a mature age couple who have never reached their aim of becoming rock’n’roll stars, in fact I didn’t even think I could sing until encouraged by my wife to get some singing lessons. After three half-hour lessons there is already a significant improvement albeit too late for rock stardom.

I had been considering on-line lessons (too embarrassed to be heard publicly!), but am glad that I did not proceed with these, now realising the importance of on the spot education and direction. The lessons are semi-structured, largely driven by the direction the student wants to take. In the short-term, we wanted to learn how to sing, not become expert in music theory, and the way Ofelia structures the lessons suits our needs. Her professional knowledge and educational skills are well complemented by her personal qualities, with a style that is very positive and encouraging. There is a major focus on reinforcing good practices, while gently stretching the student with new skills and techniques, all the time ensuring proper care of the voice.

Her studio is very well equipped, with a range of quality equipment to both enhance the lessons and produce educational materials for the student to take home e.g. mp3 files of the lessons.

We would not hesitate to recommend Ofelia to any aspiring singer, irrespective of age or experience.”

Rowena and Hans