The OVS Objective

The purpose of OVS is to provide equipment, resources, knowledge and practical experience in an educational, productive and comfortable environment.

OVS aims to provide a supportive and encouraging environment to assist people in their musical pursuits.

At OVS, you will be encouraged to be creative and uninhibited; you will be encouraged to explore your potential and grow in confidence; you will be encouraged to pursue what you are passionate about in life with enthusiasm and determination.

You can bring a song idea that you recorded on your mobile phone or scribbled onto a scrap piece of paper to OVS and experience it being turned into a fully produced and recorded song.

You can simply attend OVS to record yourself singing or playing an instrument and experience a project studio recording session.

The OVS teaching method is based on a mix of formal education and industry experience. The education you will receive at OVS is based on common sense – what works, what doesn’t work; what to do, what not to do – and the teaching style is based on what is relevant to the individual student needs.

Ofelia worked full-time as a vocal coach for Music Schools, Singing Studio’s, Performing Arts Academies, Talent Agencies and Colleges for 7 years.  After noticing a lack of equipment and resources that were provided to students attending such practices, Ofelia decided to design her own home studio in 2006 to be equipped and furnished with all the necessary tools which she believed beneficial to anyone attending music lessons.

Ofelia now only teaches exclusively from OVS where she is able to provide comprehensive tuition based on the students needs, vocal level and age at an efficient and effective standard.

Ofelia has taught children at the age of 4 to adults at the age of 77 and children and adults with learning disabilities and physical handicaps.  They all had two things in common – they loved to sing and wanted to sing better.

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