The Speaking Voice

It is important to learn how to use the voice correctly in speech before using it in song.

It is surprising how so many people do not speak with a clear vocal tone.  Many people speak with a lowered voice and vocal fry (that broken, gurgling, crackling sound).  Some of the times it could be due to tiredness but even then, it is important to always try to speak with a clear tone so that there are no fractures in the sound of the voice.

To avoid vocal frying, elevate the tone of the speaking voice to become higher in pitch until a clear sound is achieved.  Doing this will take the pressure of the larynx (voice box) and will reduce vocal fatigue.  The voice is prone to vocal frying when speaking low and in an unsupported manner.  Use vocal fry as a vocal effect only.

It is highly recommended that a Vocalist see a Speech Pathologist.  A Speech Pathologist will analyse the Vocalist’s voice in speech and song and provide guidance in making any adjustments that may be required for the voice to function in a healthy and optimal manner.

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